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Why is fashion important to you?
Why is fashion important to you?
1 by jenny.john at 09:17 22 Oct, 2017.
Staying Warm and Stylish During the Colder Temperatures
Staying Warm and Stylish During the Colder Temperatures
1 by jenny.john at 12:22 21 Oct, 2017.
What are some of your personal fashion rules?
What are some of your personal fashion rules?
1 by jenny.john at 05:39 21 Oct, 2017.
Do you like online shopping more than boutiques?
Do you like online shopping more than boutiques?
1 by jenny.john at 13:35 18 Oct, 2017.
Why do you love shopping?
Why do you love shopping?
1 by jenny.john at 12:57 18 Oct, 2017.
1 by mahendra at 22:44 02 Sep, 2017.
Good news: RAK offers 50% cut in traffic fines
New two-month grace period cuts fine costs in half until end of the year, say police
1 by wmanning121 at 06:24 02 Nov, 2016.
This is how Dubai plans to get rid of TRAFFIC JAMS
The pods, which will be ordered using the Careem app, will pick up residents from different locations.
1 by wmanning121 at 06:03 19 Oct, 2016.
Driving licence now available in Sharjah online
Sharjah Police will no longer receive payments or issue licences in person
1 by wmanning121 at 06:06 22 Sep, 2016.
Expatriates Car for Sale in Dubai UAE
There are many expatriates cars available for sale in UAE, but finding the perfect car at affordable price and amazing variety is not so easy task to do. Here are some useful tips to buy an expatriates car in UAE.
1 by wmanning121 at 05:22 20 Sep, 2016.
World Cost of Living Calculator
Cost of Living
1 by Olivia at 07:39 16 Aug, 2016.
Cycling in Dubai
For cycling related info
1 by danniealbert at 07:15 12 Oct, 2015.
Looking for a cricket team
in Dubai
1 by Khaled at 11:16 18 Sep, 2013.
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