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Expat Groups in China

Name: Active Kidz Shanghai
Description: Active Kidz Shanghai is a community-based organization dedicated to providing quality sports and recreational programs for children of the international community in Shanghai
Region: Shanghai
Website: http://www.activekidz.org/
Tags: General | Sports


Name: American Women's Club of Shanghai
Description: AWCS is a non-profit social club whose focal point is to assist expatriate women in Shanghai with adjusting to, living in and embracing her new environment
Region: Shanghai
Website: http://www.awcshanghai.org
Tags: Meetings | General | Eating Out | Social


Name: Chengdu International Women's Club
Description: Currently, Chengdu International Women’s Club has over 450 members and counting. We are a diverse group of women from all over the globe
Region: Chengdu
Website: http://www.chengduiwc.org
Tags: Meetings | General


Name: Chongqing Expat Club
Description: Inaugurated in 2006, the Chongqing Expat Club website has been designed for foreigners living in or coming to Chongqing. Members will be able to view various information about this special city
Region: Chongqing
Website: http://www.cqexpat.com/
Tags: Meetings | General


Name: Community Center Shanghai
Description: Community Center Shanghai bridges the cultural gap by providing useful and enriching classes, practical and educational tours
Region: Shanghai
Website: http://www.communitycenter.cn/
Tags: Meetings | General | Tours


Name: Expat Association Suzhou
Description: The EAS is an organization of foreign passport holders and their families, residing or working in the Suzhou area, who have joined together to maximize the opportunities and enjoyment of living in a unique place like Suzhou
Region: Suzhou
Website: http://www.suzhoueas.org/
Tags: Meetings | General


Name: Guangzhou Women's International Club
Description: The purpose of the organization shall be to promote social and cultural exchange between the women of the Guangzhou Expatriate Community
Region: Guangzhou
Website: http://gwic.org/
Tags: Meetings | General | Eating Out | Social


Name: International Newcomers Club
Description: The International Newcomers' Network (INN) meets monthly to provide an opportunity for foreigners to obtain information about living in Beijing and to meet new friends
Region: Beijing
Website: http://www.innbeijing.org
Tags: Meetings | General


Name: InterNations
Description: This group offers meetings with fellow members, such as evenings out, drinks out, coffee meetings
Region: Null
Website: http://www.internations.org/china-expats
Tags: General | Expat Q&A | Jobs | Accommodation | Market Place


Name: Ni Hao Neighbors in Donguan, China
Description: "Ni Hao Neighbors" is our version of the "Welcome Wagon". We're a group of expat women from many different countries who have come together to offer guidance and information
Region: Donguan
Website: http://www.nihaoneighbors.com
Tags: Meetings | General


Name: Shanghai Dolls
Description: Shanghai Dolls is a group for expat girls to get-together, make new friends and catch up with some old ones
Region: Shanghai
Website: http://www.shanghaidolls.org/
Tags: Meetings | General



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