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Name: Message Mother Support Group
Description: Message is a full parenting resource for English speaking parents and parents-to-be living in and around Paris. Message includes members who speak English from every corner of the globe and all walks of life.
Region: Paris
Website: http://www.messageparis.org/public_website/
Tags: Support | Childcare | Meetings | Social




Name: JFK Friendship Center
Description: The JFK Friendship Center is a non-profit German-American community center with Activities in English and German language.
Region: Berlin
Website: http://www.jfkfc.org/home.html
Tags: Meetings | Childcare




Name: Bangkok Mothers & Babies International
Description: We are a non-profit organization run by volunteer mothers. Our Aim is to provide support and companionship for pregnant women and parents of young children of all nationalities in Bangkok.
Region: Bangkok
Website: http://www.bambiweb.org/en/
Tags: Support | Childcare | Meetings | Social



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