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Name: American Women's Club of Shanghai
Description: AWCS is a non-profit social club whose focal point is to assist expatriate women in Shanghai with adjusting to, living in and embracing her new environment
Region: Shanghai
Website: http://www.awcshanghai.org
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Name: Guangzhou Women's International Club
Description: The purpose of the organization shall be to promote social and cultural exchange between the women of the Guangzhou Expatriate Community
Region: Guangzhou
Website: http://gwic.org/
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Name: Twin-cities Expatriates Association
Description: TEA was formed in 2003 to provide a contact point, support network, information service, and an opportunity for expatriates and their families living in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad to meet and get to know each other socially
Region: Hyderabad
Website: http://www.hytea.org/
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Name: Malta Expats!
Description: Malta Expats! run one or two events per month, ranging from social events, and meals and drinks, to sporting activities.
Region: N/A
Website: http://www.meetup.com/Expats-Malta/
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Name: Barcelona Women's Network
Description: They offer coffee mornings, film nights, lunchs, book clubs, workshops, arts and crafts.
Region: Barcelona
Website: http://www.bcnwomensnetwork.com
Tags: Meetings | Eating Out | Help


Name: Cosmosoiree Barcelona
Description: A evening dinner club open to all expats to meet other internation people
Region: Barcelona
Website: http://www.meetup.com/cosmosoiree-barcelona-internationals/
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United States Of America

Name: Expat Contact Los Angeles
Description: Expat Contact enables meeting and making friends with nice people who also have truly international mindsets, experiences and perspectives
Region: California
Website: http://www.expatcontact.com/?id=8&ty=ci
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