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What is an expat?

An expat (expatriate) is someone who is temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of their birth or legal residence.

There are lots of different kinds and Expat Briefing attempts to provide helpful information for all of them, including:

  • The Professional is someone who works overseas for a fixed-term contract and repatriates to their native country when it ends;
  • The Globe-trotter is someone who moves around from country to country, either working or not working and with or without plans to return to their native country;
  • The Commuter is someone who retains a base in their native country but works in a different country for a few months at a time;
  • The Retiree is someone who chooses to retire abroad with little intention of ever returning to their native country.

They all share one characteristic, though, which is that they suddenly have to run their lives in an unfamiliar country, perhaps in an unfamiliar language.

Click below for information on finance, taxation, healthcare, education, immigration, employment, business, accommodation, relocation, society and culture, and general guides to living in a different country.

» Money Transfers for Expats
» Foreign Exchange for Expats
» Banking for Expats
» Pensions for Expats
» Investment for Expats
» Wealth Management for Expats
» Property Investment for Expats
» Insurance for Expats
» Currency Tools
» International Bank Account Number (IBAN) Checker

» Overview of Tax Issues for Expats
» Employment Taxation for Expats
» Business Taxation for Expats
» Investment Taxation for Expats
» Tax Treaty Considerations for Expats

» National Health Services for Expats
» Doctors and Hospitals for Expats
» Health Insurance for Expats
» Health Emergencies for Expats
» Find a Hospital

» State School Systems for Expats
» Private Schools for Expats
» International Schools for Expats
» Universities for Expats
» Language Schools for Expats

» Visas and Passports for Expats
» Settlement, Residence and Citizenship for Expats
» Family Members and Marriage for Expats
» Working Expats

» Finding a Job, CVs, Interviews and Etiquette for Expats
» Work, Culture and Labour Market for Expats
» Expats Owning and Operating a Business
» Business Groups, Associations and Networking for Expats
» Business Taxation for Expats

» Where to Live for Expats
» Finding, Buying and Renting for Expats
» Mortgages for Expats

» International Relocation for Expats
» Repatriation for Expats
» Expats Relocating with Families and Pets

» Languages for Expats
» Guide to Cultural Traits for Expats
» Expat Groups

» Safety and Emergencies for Expats
» Retirement for Expats
» Family Life and Childcare for Expats
» Solo Living and Dating for Expats
» Shopping for Expats
» Entertainment, Media and Television for Expats
» Arts and Culture for Expats
» Fitness and Sport for Expats
» Communications for Expats
» Driving and Public Transport for Expats
» Government, Politics and Legal Systems for Expats
» Regions and Cities for Expats
» Search Utilities Companies

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