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Expat Information: Pensions for Expats

Unlike most other forms of investment, pension investment is normally tax-privileged in high-tax countries, meaning that the contrast between onshore and offshore returns may not be as marked as it is for many types of investment activity. For residents of high-tax countries, therefore, especially if they are intending to stay put in retirement, it may well be the case that they should build their pension provision inside the tax-net of their home jurisdiction.

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However, individuals in many other situations can gain advantage from offshore pension investment, for instance:

  • Expatriate executives, professionals or entertainers
  • Residents in high-tax countries intending to become non-resident on or before retirement
  • Residents in low-tax countries

Expatriate executives, professionals, entertainers and similar types of global wanderer have a considerable problem with pension provision, and it may well be that offshore investment is the only practicable route.

Residents in high-tax countries intending to move abroad at or before retirement are in a complex situation, but one with good tax-planning possibilities in many countries.

People who already live offshore and have no intention of moving onshore, are not really concerned with the distinction between 'pensions' investment and 'non-pensions' investment, since there are probably no taxes to consider either way.




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