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  • Interview with Stef Smulders

    Interview with Stef Smulders

    Stef Smulders, 21 October, 2016

    Learn the language, prepare yourself reading a good book about the rules and regulations, realise that when you come to live here it is not the same as vacation. Read Interview

    Tags: Italy

  • Interview with Anonymous

    Interview with Anonymous

    Anonymous, 23 March, 2016

    Great atmosphere and culture, but winters are tough and most Swedes take their holidays at the same time, leaving some places like a ghost town turning summer. Read Interview

    Tags: Sweden

  • Interview with Sibylle Eschapasse

    Interview with Sibylle Eschapasse

    Sibylle Eschapasse, 28 January, 2016

    Embrace everything with a positive attitude. As Sigmund Freud used to say, "one day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful" So enjoy everything. Enjoy your new life abroad, enjoy your new friends and your new world while keeping in touch with your family and friends back home. Read Interview

    Tags: United States

  • Interview with Rosy

    Interview with Rosy

    Rosy, 28 December, 2015

    The local people are great! Australians are really friendly and are always willing to lend a helping hand. They also have a great sense of humor. Read Interview

    Tags: Australia

  • An interview with Jameela from Diary of a Serial Expat

    An interview with Jameela from Diary of a Serial Expat

    Jameela, 17 June, 2014

    My husband and I were looking for better jobs basically and decided to explore what the world had to offer. We looked into the Gulf countries and Libya mainly and Libya made us several offers first so we could actually pick and choose the best jobs for us. Since Libya is close to Tunisia (my husband is Tunisian) and they offered us very good salaries, we dropped everything in the UK and moved to Libya. Read Interview

    Tags: France | Libya | United Kingdom



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