British citizen living in Spain

23 July, 2013

01. What is your name?


02. What is your age group?


03. Where are you originally from?

United Kingdom

04. In which country are you now living?


05. How long have you lived here and how long are you planning to stay?

For the last two autumns/winters. I am semi-retired and still spend half my time in the UK, though I will live here all the time when I'm fully retired.

06. Are you living alone or with your family?


07. Why did you move?

Fed up of English cold weather.

08. How did you find the transition to living in a foreign country?

Easy - just like a long holiday.

09. Was it easy making friends and meeting people; do you mainly socialise with other expats?

Yes, lots of like-minded people around. I mainly socialise with other expats.

10. Was it hard to get a visa or a work permit?

No problem - I have an EU passport.

11. Was it difficult for you to get medical insurance before you went there or when you first arrived?


12. How do you make your living in the country? Do you have any type of income generated?

I don't. I still make my living in the UK - doing training.

13. Do you speak the language and do you think it's important to speak the local language?

I speak a bit but not fluently. It's not essential, though I'd like to get better still.

14. Please add your thoughts on local customs and whether it's important for expats to respect/observe local customs.

The siesta is a fantastic custom - I've learned it's very important to get one :)

15. Do you miss home and family sometimes?

My immediate family live with me, and I see the others often enough.

16. Do you have other plans for the future?

To move to Spain full-time once I give up work.

17. What about housing, have you bought, or are you renting a home?


18. What is the cost of living in your new country?

Considerably cheaper than the UK.

19. What do you think about the local people?


20. What are the positive and negative aspects of living here?

All positive - great weather, great food, nice places to swim - fantastic.

21. Do you have any tips for our readers about moving to, or living in the country?

If you are buying a property, get good advice from lawyers who speak the language - the paperwork is all a bit of a mystery.

22. What is the worst experience you have had as an expat?

Government bureaucracy is annoying. The recent reporting requirements are a pain in the ...

23. Do you have any favorite websites or blogs about the country?

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