300 Calls Per Day To UK Tax Evasion Hotline

By ExpatBriefing.com Editorial 18 June, 2013

A Tax Evasion Hotline run by HM Revenue and Customs received 72,000 calls from members of the public over the past year, meaning that around 300 calls were taken each day.

The figures were acquired by tax and accounting publisher Bloomsbury Professional as the result of a freedom of information request, and follow an earlier report that 412,111 calls had been received between 2007 and 2012.

Bloombury Professional's Managing Director, Martin Casimir, described the number of calls as "astounding," and he suggested that people have become particularly indignant against tax evasion as wages stagnate while the tax burden increases.

However, he observed that HMRC may not have the resources to process the extra information received, and he noted 2006-07 figures from the National Audit Office which showed that the Hotline had led to the recovery of just GBP2.6m, against an estimate of GBP23.5m. The NAO figures show that the Hotline therefore yields just twice the amount of money that it costs to operate.

Casimir further warned that "over-keen" people may be making "misguided" calls and creating a "costly nuisance," and that most calls relate to tradesmen asking to be paid cash-in-hand. He added: "Investigating tax evasion cases can be a costly procedure so HMRC has to weigh up the benefit of the amount of tax they can potentially reclaim versus the cost of actually pursuing the tax."

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