Activists In Hong Kong Call For Gay Marriage Rights

By Editorial 07 March, 2014

A new advocacy group in Hong Kong is calling for local consulates to approve marriages for same-sex couples with foreign citizenship, and for Hong Kong authorities to recognize same-sex marriages performed overseas.

The group, called Double Happiness, has been founded by two same-sex couples. One of the couples, a Singaporean named Abby Lee and French woman named Betty Grisoni, asked to get married at the French consulate after same-sex marriage was given legal recognition in France, but their request has been rejected.

The other couple, Hongkonger Henry Lam Kuok-yin and Canadian Guy Ho Wing-kai, married in Canada in 2011, but in Hong Kong they are not recognized as being civil partners. Ho complains this means that couples cannot enjoy insurance coverage for spouses, and that he would not be able to visit Lam in hospital if there were a family-only restriction.

The group is looking for support from the LGBT community and from sympathetic heterosexuals.

Currently, anti-discrimination legislation in Hong Kong does not cover discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity.

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