Asia Leading The World On Education

By Editorial 13 May, 2014

A new global ranking of the world's education systems has found that East Asian nations continue to outperform other parts of the world, with the top four spots going to South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

The rankings appear in a report from the Economist Intelligence Unit, undertaken on behalf of education publisher Pearson, entitled The Learning Curve. The authors note that the top countries' education systems "prize effort above inherited 'smartness,' have clear learning outcomes and goalposts, and have a strong culture of accountability and engagement among a broad community of stakeholders."

The four Asian nations are followed by Finland in fifth place, and the United Kingdom in sixth place. The study scores Poland 10th, Russia 13th, and Israel 17th, and set them apart as "notable improvers." Finland has dropped from first place since 2012.

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