Australia Highlights Citizenship History With Social Media

By Editorial 05 February, 2014

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of Australian citizenship, the country's Department of Immigration and Border Protection has launched a year-long social media campaign highlighting the stories of those who have recently become Australians.

Prior to January 1949, most of the population of Australia were categorized as "British subjects." The first citizenship ceremony took place in Canberra in February 1949, in which seven men, from Denmark, Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, Norway, Spain and Yugoslavia became citizens. Since that time, 4.6m people have become citizens, with a record 17,863 taking citizenship during the most recent Australia Day, on January 26.

The Immigration Department has begun publishing a web series called The Pledge, on its immiTV YouTube channel, which a Department spokesperson says "will provide an insight into the citizenship journeys of Australians from different walks of life." The first segment features a Spanish celebrity chef, Miguel Maestre, who married an Australian and took citizenship in October 2013. Maestre said he was "proud and happy to just be a part of what is our amazing beautiful country Australia."

Also, new citizens are being encouraged to share their "citizenship story" on Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #AusPledge, in order to "map" them around the country throughout the year. Members of the public also can add messages, photos or videos to an e-card marking the anniversary, uploading past photos of their own citizenship ceremonies or those of a family member.

The spokesperson described Australia as "a patchwork of cultures and stories," and he encouraged everyone "to get involved and tell their story."

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