Australia Immigration Minister Warns Against 457 Visa Abuse

By Editorial 22 October, 2013

Australia's Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has highlighted the Government's support for skilled migration into the country, although he warned that those who abuse the visa system would see a "tough" response comparable to the way that the Government deals with people-smuggling.

Speaking at the Migration Institute of Australia, Morrison explained that the Government would never accuse migrants of taking Australian jobs, and that the 457 skilled migrant scheme was a "vital asset for the Australian economy." However, he added that its misuse would "diminish" its value for Australia, and he called on businesses to help prevent this from happening.

The 457 temporary work visa allows approved businesses in Australia to employ a skilled worker from overseas for up to four years, so long as the required role cannot be filled by an Australian national. A recently study by the Migration Council Australia found that four out of five companies were using the opportunity to provide training and development for Australian workers.

The previous Labor administration brought in extra measures to ensure that the visa was being used as intended, and Morrison accused Labor of having "demonized" skilled workers.

Morrison also complained about the misuse of student visas as a "backdoor to permanent migration," and he further promised to revive a stalled significant investor visa scheme.

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