Australia Plans To Extend Student Visa Streamlining

By Editorial 12 November, 2013

Overseas students planning to study at a non-university higher education institution in Australia may benefit from plans to extend streamlined visa processing from March 2014.

Streamlining has been in place for overseas university students since 2012. The procedure designates visa applicants with a Confirmation of Enrollment as being a lower immigration risk regardless of country of origin, meaning that applications are processed more quickly, and that in most cases less documentary evidence is required.

To benefit from streamlining, visa applicants must be enrolled either for a bachelor, masters or doctoral degree, or be taking part in an eligible exchange program. Those enrolled on package courses must take their preliminary courses at the participating non-university provider, or with a nominated educational business partner.

Details of participating non-university institutions will be published on the Department of Immigration's website from closer to the implementation date. To be eligible, an education provider must be registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students, and be designated as "low risk" for immigration. "Low risk" status will be determined by data relating to student visa refusals (including fraud), visa compliance, and details of actual students. The provider must also have had least 100 students with active student visas during 2012-13.

Students enrolled on courses or at institutions that are not eligible for streamlining will continue to be assessed according to their applicable assessment level. However, there are also plans to simplify the Assessment Level Framework and to reduce the financial requirement in relation to a number of countries.

All applicants will still need to meet requirements relating to health and health insurance, character, and English-language proficiency, and be able to support themselves financially for the course of their studies.

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