Australia Seeing An Influx Of Expats From Asia

By Editorial 03 July, 2014

A new report from Australia's Immigration Department has revealed that the country's migrant population comes from more than 250 overseas nations, and that migrant numbers from Asia are growing.

The report, entitled The People of Australia, compares census data from 2011 and 2006. It found that the Indian-born population grew by 148,000 during this period, the Chinese mainland-born by 112,000, and those from the Philippines by 51,000.

However, the largest segments of the overseas-born Australian population continue to be those born in England and New Zealand, at 900,000 and 483,000, respectively.

The largest numbers of overseas-born Australians are based in Sydney (1.5m) and Melbourne (1.2m), although the city that is most multicultural is Perth, where 35.1 percent of residents are foreign. In terms of Local Government Area (LGA), the area with the largest number is Brisbane (just under 300,000), although the Brisbane LGA covers a larger area of Brisbane than other city LGAs.

The report also says that Mandarin, Arabic, Italian, Cantonese, Greek, and Vietnamese are the most-used non-English languages in the country.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said that the report shows that Australia is "a wonderfully successful and cohesive modern immigrant nation." He added that the findings will assist Government and other agencies with providing services and identifying sectors most in need of English-language services.

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