Australian Citizenship Day Marked

By Editorial 23 September, 2013

September 17 saw 2,500 new Australian citizens from 92 countries take part in Australian Citizenship Day celebrations around the country.

A spokesman for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship described the event an opportunity for Australians to welcome new citizens, and for the country to reflect on citizenship values and on "being an Australian." He added that the new citizens "come from diverse backgrounds, with a range of experiences and journeys to their new lives in Australia," but they had a common commitment to Australia and its people.

In Canberra, 100 new citizens took part in an event at the National Arboretum presided over by Governor-General Quentin Bryce. One participant, originally from the UK, was quoted as saying that becoming Australian provided "a settled environment for our children where they feel part of the country that they will probably go on and live the rest of their lives in."

Australian Citizenship Day was launched in 2001, and the date commemorates the renaming of the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 to the Australian Citizenship Act 1948.

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