Australian Opposition Calls For New Entrepreneur Visa

By Dex Tennyson, for 27 August, 2014

Australia's Shadow Treasurer, Chris Bowen, has called on the Government to introduce a new visa to attract entrepreneurs.

In a speech to the Queensland Media Club, Bowen argued that the country "can do better when it comes to attracting people with the entrepreneurial spirit." He observed that entrepreneur visas have already been introduced by New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Singapore, and he said that "Labor believes Australia needs to be going down this road as well."

Bowen suggested that the visa could be modeled on the Significant Investor visa, which was introduced by the previous Labor Government, except that it would be for those with "ideas and drive" rather than capital.

According to media reports, Bowen added that the visa could be awarded to individuals on a temporary visa who are able to demonstrate how they would use AUD50,000 (USD46,500) to create a company that would employ 15 people.

Bowen also quoted a speech given by Philip Lowe, the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank, to the Sydney Institute in March. Lowe had argued that Australia's aging demographic meant that the country was becoming more risk-adverse, but that the increasing diversity of the population "means that we have a constant influx of people coming to our shores, bringing with them new perspectives, new skills, and new ideas."

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