Award For Cloud-Based Expat Tax Firm

By Editorial 12 August, 2013

A cloud-based start-up offering tax preparation services for US expatriates has won an award of seed capital and support from a non-profit business accelerator affiliated with Northern Kentucky University.

The company, Bright!Tax, currently has clients in more than 50 countries. Its service allows Americans abroad to make their required filings via what it describes as an "intuitive online interface," with the assistance of a team of Certified Public Accountants and MBA holders. It was founded by Greg Dewald, a Kentucky-based entrepreneur, after he observed that many US expats were either unaware of their obligation to make tax filings or found it difficult or impossible to do so.

Bright!Tax was one of eight companies to win the support of business accelerator UpTech, following a competition involving more than eighty candidates. It will receive up to USD50,000 in equity investment, along with space at UpTech's offices, professional support services, and applied research assistance from Northern Kentucky University's College of Informatics.

UpTech’s Program Manager Amanda Greenwell was quoted as saying that: "Our ultimate goal is to fund the best and brightest early-stage informatics companies that will complement the foundation of a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in our region." UpTech, which also has links several economic development agencies, states that "no other Business Accelerator program nationally or internationally provides the ability to combine research to develop intellectual property ideas."

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