BVI Relaxes Working Visa Rules

By Fiona Moore, for 27 April, 2016

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) has relaxed its visa rules to enable foreign workers to obtain government permission to remain in the BVI while they change jobs.

Prior to this change, visa holders had to leave the islands when transitioning from one employer to another.

Permission to remain in the BVI will typically only be given where a person has worked on the islands for a period of five or more years. Persons who have held entry permits for one to four years will not be considered unless they can demonstrate exceptional circumstances.

Explaining the changes, the BVI's Premier and Minister of Finance, Orlando Smith, said that the amendments to the BVI's immigration law were intended to reduce any detrimental social effects and unnecessary financial hardships on families, businesses, and the economy.

The BVI has also changed its immigration law to allow persons who have resided on the islands without being employed for at least three years to change their immigration status to seek employment.

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