BVI Visa-Free Access For UK, US, Canadian Citizens

By Hans Esser, for 23 August, 2016

The British Virgin Islands Government has approved visa-free travel arrangements for citizens from the UK, US, and Canada.

From September 1, 2016, nationals of a country that require a BVI visa, but who hold a UK, US, or Canadian visa that is valid for at least six months prior to travel to the BVI, will be able to enter the territory and remain for a period of up to six months without holding a BVI visa. The exemption applies to persons visiting the BVI for business, tourism, and other related matters, but does not permit a person to work in the territory.

The initiative is part of labor and immigration reform efforts to further streamline entry and facilitate economic growth.

Premier and Minister of Finance Orlando Smith said: "My Government believes that the implementation of our visa exemption program will ... help tremendously with our global marketability in tourism and in the financial services sector. Given recent advancements in trade, investment, tourism, and financial services in the region, and with Britain's exit from the European Union, it is in the territory's best interest to lift certain visa restrictions as needed in order to facilitate further economic growth in the British Virgin Islands."

The BVI Government said the next stage of the territory's visa reforms will be the implementation of an e-visa regime.

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