Bahamas Ranked Best Low-Tax Expat Destination

By Fiona Moore, for 31 July, 2014

The Bahamas has placed top in a new ranking of the most attractive low-tax locations for expats. Meanwhile, Bulgaria was identified as offering the best tax regime for expatriate individuals in the European Union.

The ranking was compiled by Bradley Hackford, a company that specializes in relocation for individuals seeking a low-tax environment. The firm assessed various locations against a number of criteria: the tax burden on individual residents; quality of life; legal and physical security; the quality of economic investment programs for new residents; and access to recreational opportunities.

The Bahamas came first in part due to its vicinity to the USA, and because of its zero percent income tax rate. It was followed by Andorra, Monaco, Bulgaria, and Panama. Bradley Hackford explained that Bulgaria had placed highly as it offers one of the lowest tax rates in Europe, and non-Europeans living in the country can travel freely throughout Europe.

Panama was said to be "very attractive" due to a simple process that allows for residency to be obtained quickly, and for a low investment requirement for a number of nationalities.

The other territories featuring in the top ten were Mauritius, Dubai, Guernsey, the Cayman Islands, and Switzerland.

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