Beijing Now Asia's Second Most Costly City For Expats

By Editorial 09 December, 2013

The latest Cost of Living survey by ECA International has found that Tokyo is the most expensive location in Asia for expats, followed by Beijing, up from fifth place last year.

Tokyo is one of three Japanese cities featuring in the top five most expensive Asian locations, the others being Nagoya and Yokohama. Globally, however, Tokyo has dropped to tenth place.

The survey shows that Caracas, Venezuela is now the most expensive location in the world for expats, followed by Luanda, Angola in second place; Oslo, Norway in third place; Juba, South Sudan in fourth place; and Stavanger, Norway in fifth place.

In the Americas, Manhattan takes second place, after Caracas. In the Middle East the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem take the top two positions. In Australia, meanwhile, Sydney and Canberra are the most expensive cities, and in Europe the top ten places are dominated by cities in Switzerland, Scandinavia and Finland, with the exception of Moscow, Russia.

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