Bermuda Announces Moratorium On Work Permits

By Editorial 16 February, 2011

The Bermuda government has announced a temporary moratorium on work permits for certain classes of workers, "to ensure that opportunities remain available to Bermudians" during the downturn.

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kim Wilson said:

"During the past 100 days, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has sought to introduce innovative solutions aimed at sustaining and safeguarding our Bermudian workforce, as well as ensuring that the needs of our business partners are adequately addressed."

"We can no longer deny that the financial challenges faced by governments globally have not had an effect on Bermuda’s economy and workforce; we’ve all seen the headlines citing job losses; we’ve all heard the discussion of redundancies in practically every sector of our community; I must ensure as Minister that our Bermudian labour force is adequately supported."

Although the moratorium will not halt applications for work for instance in the island's finance industry and associated businesses, a three-month moratorium on other sectors will begin on February 11, after which point the government said it would review the initiative.

Concluding, Wilson announced that during a three-month period, which began on February 11, the government will decline applications and renewals for work permits to work in the following roles: landscape gardener; cleaners; kitchen and bar porters; and housekeepers and skilled labourers. The government stated that the moratorium's scope and length would be reconsidered thereafter.

"Ours is a government that is sensitive to the needs of our workers and our businesses. Bermudians need not face unemployment because jobs are already occupied by guest workers. This policy makes jobs available to Bermudians while remaining sensitive to the needs of business," Wilson said.

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