Bermuda's Visa Reforms Boost International Business

By Editorial 30 May, 2012

Bermuda’s Premier Paula Cox has reported that a number of international businesses have already benefited from relaxed entry rules for key personnel, introduced last year to improve business conditions for employment-creating enterprises.

Cox reported that the government had followed through with its pledge to fast-track visa requests, in particular in respect of applications from companies committed to maintaining or increasing employment of local workers. Cox said that in the case of one company, which stated that it was previously considering redomiciling from Bermuda, the improved entry process triggered the company to instead increase its presence in Bermuda.

Categories of company roles covered by the relaxed rules include:

Cox said: “I have been encouraged by the evidence that these companies have provided demonstrating their commitment to employing and developing Bermudians and the investment made in developing Bermudians.”

“As a result of reviewing applications, I have been able to exercise tremendous flexibility in granting concessions and exemptions to those key staff that are responsible for keeping business in Bermuda and Bermudians employed.”

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