Brexit Killing UK's Appeal For Students And Graduates

By Fiona Moore, for 10 January, 2018

A survey of 648 graduates at UK universities conducted by KPMG has revealed that almost two thirds (62 percent) of graduates feel less confident about their career prospects because of Brexit.

The survey also reveals that three quarters of graduates (75 percent) believe Brexit means there will be fewer jobs available for their generation, half (48 percent) are less likely to want to work in the UK, and only four in ten (41 percent) said Brexit had not affected their career plans.

Karen Briggs, Head of Brexit at KPMG, said: "Graduates are particularly exposed to the uncertainty Brexit brings. Our survey shows that just at the time when there might not be as many EU citizens around, fewer British graduates now want to work in the UK. This points to a shrinking traditional talent pool and a potential battle for the most employable people. I'd urge every business to rethink their workforce strategy by embracing programmes such as apprenticeships so they can recruit from the widest possible group. First movers will have the advantage."

"Done right, Brexit has the potential to stimulate a higher wage, higher tech economy. However we must remain cognisant that Brexit isn't just affecting business investment decisions, it's also changing people's career plans."

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