British Diplomat Marries Same-Sex Partner In China

By Haruna Kobayashi, for 10 September, 2014

Britain's Consul General in Shanghai, Brian Davidson, has married his same-sex partner at the official Beijing residence of the UK Ambassador, highlighting an option available to other British expats in China.

The Consular Marriage and Marriages under Foreign Law Order 2014 allows a British national to marry a same-sex partner in consular premises, if permission has been granted by the host jurisdiction. Only one partner has to be British.

More than 20 countries have so far given approval. However, the service is not available in Hong Kong, due to an objection by the local Government there.

Writing on Weibo, Davidson said that he was proud that British law allows him the same right as any other British national to marry whomever he loves. He said it was a very practical example of how his country practices equality for all.

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