British-Irish Visa Scheme Extended To Isle Of Man

By Hans Esser, for 01 March, 2016

The British-Irish Visa Scheme has been extended to the Isle of Man, in a move that should drive more business to the island.

Under the British-Irish Visa Scheme, Chinese and Indian nationals can now travel freely around the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, and now the Isle of Man using a single visit visa.

Previously a Chinese or Indian visitor planning to travel first to Ireland and then on to the UK had to apply in advance for two visas, which required two separate application processes and fees.

The introduction of the Immigration (Control of Entry Through Ireland) Order 2016 has extended the British-Irish Visa Scheme to the Isle of Man, as well as updating elements of the previous legislation.

Annie Taylor, the Isle of Man's Senior Passports, Immigration, and Nationality Officer, said: "The Isle of Man has a close working relationship with the UK on immigration matters and this move makes it easier for Chinese and Indian tourists and short-stay business visitors to include the Isle of Man in their travel itinerary. For example, a Chinese or Indian national visiting Dublin will now be able to travel onward to the Isle of Man without the need for a separate visa. It's hoped this will provide a welcome boost to business and tourism in the island."

The British-Irish Visa Scheme currently applies only to Chinese and Indian nationals traveling on certain short-stay and visitor visas. It does not permit them to work.

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