Canada Anticipates Record Immigration In 2015

By Dex Tennyson, for 04 November, 2014

Canada's Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander, has announced that 2015 will see a record number of new immigrants welcomed into the country to support economic growth.

The Government's plan for next year anticipates between 260,000 and 285,000 new admissions, representing a rise of about 19,000 individuals on forecasts for this year. The higher levels reflect the Government's strategy to address labor and skills shortages and ensure the growth of the labor force.

The Government expects that up to 51,000 new visas will be provided through the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), a slight rise on 2014. It also intends to allocate between 46,000 and 48,000 visas through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Meanwhile, 23,000 successful applicants are expected through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) scheme, which targets individuals who have had successful placements in Canada. The Government says that the CEC has grown rapidly since its launch in late 2008, and that 2015 figures will be the highest ever.

A further 30,000 visas will be provided through Canada's caregiver programs, which according to the Government will help to clear a backlog in the system.

Most admissions in 2015 will be for applicants who applied under the old immigration processing system. However, new applications for the FSWP, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the CEC, and a portion of the PNP will be processed through the new Express Entry system.

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