Canada Changes Visa Fees

By Editorial 11 February, 2014

Starting from February 06, 2014 the Canadian government implemented new fees for processing visitor visas, according to an announcement from Chris Alexander, the country's minister of citizenship and immigration.

The fee for processing the temporary resident visa (TRV) has been reduced from CAD150 (USD135) to CAD100. Applicants for the TRV will now be automatically considered for a multiple-entry visa, which allows visitors to stay in Canada for six months at a time for up to 10 years without being required to reapply each time.

Work permits will now cost CAD155, an increase of CAD5, and the fee for study permits has been increased by CAD25 to CAD125. The Canadian government decided to increase these fees after a 20 year freeze in order to reflect the true cost of processing visa applications and thereby ease the burden on taxpayers.

Visitors to Canada currently number more than 35m per year.

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