Canada Plans New International Education Strategy

By Editorial 20 November, 2013

Canada's Minister of International Trade Ed Fast has announced that the country is planning to implement a new international education strategy in 2014.

Speaking at the Canadian Bureau for International Education's annual conference in Vancouver, Fast said that deepening educational ties with countries around the world is part of the Government's continued trade expansion plans for fast-growing global markets, and that "people-to-people ties" are "necessary to grow any trading relationship."

Fast's comments follow a recruitment mission to China, South Korea and Japan by Canadian educational institutions in the Atlantic region. Currently, around 23 percent of international students in Canada are from China, and the three countries make up nearly half the Canadian market. The Government of Canada invested over CAN163,000 in the initiative.

Following the mission, there are now plans to create accounts on popular Chinese social media sites to promote Atlantic Canadian institutions. Chinese students studying in Canada will use the accounts to answer questions, provide information, and maintain engagement with potential students in China.

According to Government figures, in 2010 there were around 265,000 international students in Canada, contributing more than CAN8bn to the economy and supporting 86,000 jobs. Education services are Canada's 11th largest export, forming the country's largest export to China, second-largest to Saudi Arabia and fourth-largest to India. Explaining increasing interest in India, Canada's High Commissioner to India Stewart Beck said that efforts were being undertaken to change the Indian perception of China.

In 2009 there were 3.7m international students around the world, and the figure is expected to rise to 6.4m by 2025. Canada is currently one of the top four destinations of choice for international students, along with the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

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