Canada-Norway Social Security Treaty Enters Into Force

By Editorial 07 January, 2014

The operation of Canada's Old Age Security (OAS) and Pension Plan (CPP) programs will be better coordinated with comparable schemes in Norway, thanks to the entry into force of a revised social security deal.

The reforms became operational on January 1. The key change is that additional periods of residence in Norway can be taken into account. Periods of residence in Norway after 1936 and prior to 1967 will be considered for Norwegian pensions granted before 1991.

As a result, Norwegian pensioners residing in Canada may be able to request a recalculation and receive an increased pension from Norway.

Canadian companies and their employees sent to work temporarily in Norway will continue to make CPP contributions, and are exempt from making Norwegian social security contributions. It is hoped that this provision will enhance the competitiveness of Canadian companies operating in Norway, and Norwegian companies operating in Canada.

Commenting on the amendments, Canada's Employment Minister Jason Kenney said: "This revised Agreement demonstrates the continued spirit of partnership, collaboration, and close relationship between our two countries and recognizes the valuable contribution Norwegian Canadians have made to making Canada stronger."

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