Changes To UK Consular Services In China

By Haruna Kobayashi, for 02 January, 2015

The British Embassy and Consulates in China have introduced a new single email address for Britons seeking notarial services.

Applications, along with supporting documents, should be sent to for assessment. Applicants will be contacted within five working days with advice as to whether the service requested can be provided, and, if so, with details of how to make an appointment with either the Embassy in Beijing or the appropriate Consulate in Chongqing, Guangzhou, or Shanghai.

The Embassy says that the move modernizes the delivery of Consular Services, so that resources can be focused on where there is most need.

Services available include administering an oath or affirmation, which must follow a special template, and making or verifying copies of several kinds of documents. These documents are British passports, UK educational documents, Home Office Registration certificates, British divorce decrees, and British driving licenses.

In certain circumstances, consular staff can also witness a signature or legalize a signature or seal. However, this service excludes personal and company documents, wills, and changes to powers of attorney.

Applicants are also advised that local notaries or lawyers can sometimes provide the same services more conveniently, quickly, and cheaply.

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