China Top Economy For Expats, HSBC Says

By Editorial 29 November, 2013

Mainland China ranks as the top destination for expats in a new survey by HSBC, followed by Germany and Singapore.

The survey is based on data from about 7,000 expats in 37 countries. A country's ranking is calculated on the basis of various economic and quality of life indicators.

In purely economic terms China ranks second, after Switzerland. However, the survey notes that Asia has the highest paid expats in the world, with average expat remuneration packages at least 15 percent higher than the global average: USD74,000 per annum, compared to USD64,000 elsewhere.

The survey reveals that economic factors in China are the biggest pull for expats. Seven in ten expats moved to the country for better job opportunities, while only four in ten moved to Hong Kong for that reason. China ranked third worldwide by expat income, and 11th by disposable income.

Of the 71 expats surveyed in China, nearly half said the country's work-life balance was better than what they experienced at home, while 56 percent said the quality of education was better, and nearly three-quarters said their children were safer.

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