Chinese Embassy In Spain Decries "Racist" TV Sketch

By Editorial 13 January, 2014

Chinese officials have drawn attention to the fact that there are 118,000 Chinese nationals living in Spain, in the wake of a comedy sketch broadcast on Spanish television that deployed racial clichés to depict a foolish Chinese character.

The sketch was set in a Chinese restaurant, and featured an incompetent waiter wearing exaggerated Manchu-style clothing and a hairstyle from the Qing Dynasty period. The customers in the sketch shouted "this Chinese is stupid!", using a profane term, and it was hinted that the customers were being served meat from domestic animals in the guise of duck.

A spokesperson from China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed regret that the broadcast had occurred, and pointed out to journalists that "there are more than 180,000 Chinese living in Spain who contribute significantly to local communities."

China's ambassador to Spain, Huang Yazhong, wrote to the broadcaster of the sketch, Telecinco, to express criticism of what he called "an overt insult to Chinese." Liu Yuebiao, who chairs the Andalusian association of Chinese commerce, told the media that he had been angered, and that if the broadcaster did not issue an apology his organization may hold a protest.

Spain recently introduced a "golden visa" scheme to attract high net worth individuals from outside the European Union to invest in the country in return for residence. Estate agents have reported that particular interest in the scheme has come from Chinese nationals.

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