EU Driving Down Mobile Roaming Fees In Europe

By Editorial 09 July, 2014

The European Commission's (EC's) price cap on data downloading while roaming within the EU has been slashed from EUR0.45 (USD0.61) per megabyte down to EUR0.20, as part of a move towards a Connected Continent regulation that will see roaming charges scrapped altogether.

The EC says that the latest reduction means that a roaming EU-based phone user can now check the weather, watch a YouTube video, go on Facebook for half-an-hour, browse the news for ten minutes, upload three photos and download an app for EUR10 all in, plus VAT.

The EU started to take action on roaming charges in 2007, and prices have dropped by 80-90 percent since that time.

Neelie Kroes, the EC Vice President responsible for the EU's Digital Agenda, explained that she wants to see an agreement on ending roaming charges by the end of the year. She said: "The Parliament has done their part, now it is up to member states to seal the deal."

The Connected Continent regulation will also guarantee an open and neutral internet, and better consumer protection for mobile and broadband users.

Meanwhile, the maximum cost of making a roaming call is now EUR0.19 per minute (down from EUR0.24), while a sending a text costs EUR0.6 (down from EUR0.8). The cost of receiving a call is EUR0.5 (down from EUR0.7).

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