Ecuador The Top Location For Expats, Says Survey

By Fernand Gagnier, for 10 October, 2014

The results of this year's InterNations Expat Insider survey are in, and they might surprise you: Latin American country Ecuador is the best location for expats, according to some 14,000 expats surveyed.

The remaining countries in the top ten were: Luxembourg, Mexico, Switzerland, the USA, Singapore, Spain, the Philippines, Australia, and Hong Kong.

The rankings are based on a wide range of self-explanatory indices: the General Quality of Life Index, the Ease of Settling In Index, the Working Abroad Index, the Family Life Index, and the Personal Finance Index.

Ecuador scored top of the Personal Finance Index and ranked eighth in the Ease Of Settling In Index. 91 percent said they were satisfied with living in Ecuador, but over one-third (37 percent) said that it is very difficult to live in the country without speaking Spanish. However, one in three expats (30 percent) thinks that learning the language is very easy.

Ecuador came in first place for personal happiness. Nearly half (44 percent) said they are "very happy" with their lives in general, and almost half of the expats in Ecuador plan to stay there "possibly forever" (42 percent).

Most of the expats in Ecuador reported that they enjoy living abroad and that they moved there for a better quality of life. Although Ecuador ranks fifth in the Working Abroad Index, not many expats relocate to this country for work purposes. Ecuador has a high percentage of retirees (39 percent) and the average age of expats in Ecuador at about 53, is well above the global average of 40.

Luxembourg, in second, was recognized as being a top destination for expats due to job opportunities, and, in third, Mexico was said to be the easiest country in which to settle.

Expat Destinations infographic

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