ExpatBriefing Praised In 2014 Expat Star Awards

By the ExpatBriefing team 20 August, 2014

ExpatBriefing has been recognized as one of the internet's top sites for expat advice and information in this year's Expat Star Awards.

Sponsored by MyCurrencyTransfer, ExpatBriefing was judged based on the quality of the site's content, the uniqueness of its guides, and engagement with users. The awards had a particular focus on information about expat life in Australia, France, Spain, Italy, the USA, the UK, and the United Arab Emirates, for which we offer guides.

ExpatBriefing was recognized as being among the top 10 websites for expat information and advice worldwide, and received praise for its diversity. Each of our country guides cover banking, money transfers, investment, wealth management, insurance, property investment, pensions, tax, employment, running a business, immigration, relocation, healthcare, accommodation, socializing and culture.

During 2014, we've already added new guides for expats living or looking to move to Italy, Japan, and Singapore, and we're looking to launch guides for Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Switzerland this autumn.

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