Expat Professionals Favored UAE In 2014

By Haruna Kobayashi, for ExpatBriefing.com 17 August, 2015

Professionals are increasingly taking up positions in the United Arab Emirates, according to Linkedin, which has prepared a report based on changes to its users' country of residence in 2014.

A new official Linkedin blog post, authored by Sohan Murthy, says that the UAE was the most popular choice for professionals in 2014, in line with 2013 results. Murthy wrote: "The United Arab Emirates and India bookend our results in net gains and losses respectively and are in fact very closely linked."

The net increase in the number of its users who relocated to the UAE in 2014 was 1.89 percent, with the largest proportion of those coming from India. India's net loss was 0.23 percent. The most common professions for new arrivals to the UAE included marketing, accountancy, corporate finance, sales, consulting, mechanical engineering, and project management.

Switzerland was second and Saudi Arabia third.

The UAE attracts talented professionals with its zero percent income tax rate and very narrow sales tax base. However, the cost of living is high and the UAE is also one of the world's most expensive locations for international schooling.

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