Expatriate Management and Mobility Award Shortlists Announced

By ExpatBriefing.com Editorial 28 August, 2013

The Forum for Expatriate Management has announced its list of European companies and individuals shortlisted to receive an industry award for excellence in global mobility. Shortlists for the Americas and for the Asia-Pacific regions were unveiled previously.

The 2013 Expat Management and Mobility Awards (EMMAs) will be judged by three panels of experienced industry professionals. The organizers describe the awards as "the ultimate accolade to achievement within Global Mobility," and winners will be announced at gala award ceremonies in Singapore on September 11, in Las Vegas on October 3, and in London on November 8.

Entrants were asked to provide statements giving examples of the impact that the nominee has had on the overall business priorities of their employers or clients, highlighting benefits to assignees and obstacles overcome, backing up claims with demonstrable results and/or client feedback. They were also asked to give clear evidence of any innovations, effective deployment of resources, or improvements to cost management, and to indicate longer term impacts, lessons learned, and improved methods introduced to other parts of a business or to other clients.

The awards comprise 25 categories. For service providers, there are awards for the year's best Relocation Management Company, Destination Services Provider, Tax Provider, Immigration Provider, Employee Benefits and Services Provider, International Moving Company, Corporate Housing Provider, Expatriate Banking Service, and best example of "Thought Leadership" (Survey or Research Study of the Year).

For corporations, there are awards for the Best Global Mobility Team (categorized into Small, Medium and Large teams), for Best Global Mobility Programs in various sectors (the Services Sector, the Manufacturing/Retail Sector, the Technology/Telecoms Sector, the Industrial/Energy Sector, and the Financial Services Sector), for Best Practice in Challenging Locations, and for the Most Effective Relocation Management Strategy.

Awards open to all cover the Best Family Support Program, the Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility, Global Mobility Professional of the Year, and Global Mobility Rising Star of the Year. There will also be a joint award for Best Vendor Partnership.

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