Expats Welcome Breakthrough In Andalucia Property Dispute

By Fiona Moore, for ExpatBriefing.com 26 September, 2014

Two groups representing expats who unwittingly bought properties in Andalucía that had been built without planning permission have welcomed a local Government announcement that may regularize their "illegal" homes.

The President of Andalucía, Susana Díaz, said last week that her Government intends to propose an amendment to the territory's Law on Urban Planning (LOUA) to provide homeowners with certainty.

Philip Smalley, who heads lobby group SOHA (Save Our Homes in Axarquia), said: "At last the politicians are listening to us." Maura Hillen, of Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora NO (AUAN), said that "it appears to be a positive step. We only hope that the proposed change is appropriate and that it becomes law as soon as possible."

The move will apply to thousands of isolated properties built on rural land that had been divided for the creation of building plots. Such houses were not covered by a Regularization Decree in 2012. Owners are currently living with the specter of their homes being demolished, and in many cases they are denied access to utilities.

Hillen vowed that homeowners' associations will do their best to ensure that the legislation is fit for purpose and made into law in the shortest possible time frame, before the next municipal elections.

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