FIFA Challenging Illegal World Cup Ticket Sales

By Editorial 24 June, 2014

The International Federation of Association Football, known as FIFA, has vowed to pursue those persons who sold World Cup tickets intended for football associations and commercial affiliates to ticket touts.

FIFA's Marketing Director Thierry Weil told a press briefing that it had been "amazing" to see touts selling tickets inside the hotel at which FIFA officials were staying without being challenged. Two arrests were made at the hotel, it was confirmed.

In May, Weil warned that FIFA cancels tickets that are found to have been illegally sold or resold, and that those who buy such tickets risk being barred from attending World Cup matches. There is also a criminal law in Brazil forbidding the sale or supply of a ticket at more than face value.

Meanwhile, local police are also investigating cases of suspected fraud involving tickets reserved for disabled spectators and their carers, after photos and CCTV footage emerged that apparently show spectators who were admitted as wheelchair users jumping up during matches.

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