France Scraps Plan To Give Voting Rights To Foreigners

By Editorial 09 June, 2014

France's Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, has said that plans to allow non-EU citizens resident in France to vote in local elections have been abandoned.

Speaking on the television show Questions d'info, Cazeneuve told Le Monde's Françoise Fressoz that the Government does not have the constitutional majority needed to make the change and that raising the question now is "pointless."

President François Hollande promised as part of his election platform in 2012 that third-country (i.e. non-EU) citizens who have been resident in France for five years would be given the right. However, the move would require a three-fifths majority in the National Assembly, and Hollande's Socialist bloc majority falls short of this with just 314 out of 577 seats.

Cazeneuve's comment follows the victory of the far-right Front National in last month's European elections.

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