Gay Man Refused Partnership Visa To Stay in Australia

By Editorial 07 January, 2014

A spokesperson for Australia's Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has warned that the eligibility criteria for a partnership visa go beyond whether there is a "genuine and ongoing" relationship, after a Pakistani national who had entered into a civil union with an Australian citizen in Queensland in 2012 was refused a visa.

The visa decision was also made despite the fact that the man affected, Ali Choudhry, risks harassment and imprisonment in Pakistan due to his sexuality. Choudhry says he grew up in the USA and has never lived in Pakistan.

The spokesperson denied that Choudhry and his partner, a neuroscientist named Matthew Hynd, had been assessed differently from heterosexual couples. However, Choudhry says that the authorities told him that they "do not consider" him to be "in a long-standing relationship," and that an immigration agent had advised him to marry an Australian woman.

The case will now go to a Migration Review Tribunal.

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