Germany Urges Restraint From UK On Immigration Response

By Edouard Berthier, for 05 November, 2014

The German Government's spokesperson, Steffen Seibert, has told a recent press briefing that Germany shares the UK's interest in tackling immigration issues in Europe but remains committed to upholding the principle of freedom of movement.

Seibert's statement came after German media reported that the nation's Chancellor, Andrea Merkel, had privately warned the UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron, against curbs on immigration to Britain from within the EU.

Seibert said that the issue of freedom of movement is "not a bilateral issue between Germany and the United Kingdom," but rather one "that concerns the United Kingdom and all of its European partners." He stressed that Germany "wishes to see an active and engaged United Kingdom as a member of a strong European Union."

At a press conference at the end of the last month's EU summit, Merkel said that she had discussed several proposals with Cameron about what to do when EU migrants repeatedly enter the country and do not find work and then attempt to claim social benefits. She pointed out that "this is seen as a problem in Germany, too," and that the issue is currently being considered by the European Court of Justice.

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