Guernsey, Jersey Consider Residency And Housing Plans

By Fiona Moore, for 28 July, 2014

Guernsey has announced that it is considering a revision to its residency rules, while neighboring island Jersey is embarking on a new housing strategy to provide affordable homes to islanders.

Guernsey's Policy Council, which has responsibility for constitutional and external affairs, is to debate how long it should take someone living on the island to become a Permanent Resident, following complaints about proposals that were put forward as part of the island's new Population Management system last year.

It is now proposed that individuals born to Guernsey families should have a quicker route to full residency rights than those whose ancestors are from outside the island, and that someone with a Guernsey-born parent and grandparent should be a Permanent Resident from birth. Permanent Residents, unlike Established Residents, have an automatic right to return to the island should they move away.

Deputy Paul Luxon, who is Chair of the Policy Council's Population Steering Group, said that the Policy Council had been "in listening mode" since last year's debate. He said: "We will never be able to please everybody if we are going to meet the island's needs, but we hope that the new recommendations are accepted and that we can move on to the next phase of developing the new system."

Meanwhile, Jersey has revised its 2011 Island Plan to explain how 1,000 new homes will be delivered by 2020. Under the proposals, 70 percent of the properties will be built on publicly-owned land, with the rest on re-zoned private land. The properties will be owned by the States directly, or through bodies such as Andium Homes, a private company that was previously Jersey's Housing Department. However, rentals will be available only to households that are on or below the median income level. About 20 percent of the homes will be available to purchase.

The proposals were developed by Deputy Robert Duhamel. He explained that the plans are focused on making use of publicly owned land to deliver homes for those most in need.

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