Guernsey Seeks To Attract Londoners

By Editorial 27 May, 2011

A team from Guernsey will host a forum in June to showcase Guernsey as a domicile of choice for London entities, focusing in particular on the benefits of relocation to the island.

The event, co-organized by Butterfield Bank, KPMG Channel Islands and Guernsey estate agents Swoffers, will examine the benefits of undertaking residence in Guernsey for both individuals and businesses.

Jason Woodhard, Business Development Manager at Butterfield Bank in Guernsey, said: “The aim of this seminar is to show high-net-worth individuals and their advisers the potential attractions of relocating themselves and their businesses to Guernsey. There is a growing body of research which shows that increasing numbers of wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs are considering leaving the UK. What we want to do is raise the profile of Guernsey as an option and if possible, bring about relocation to the island.”

Matthew Henry, Managing Director at Swoffers, Guernsey’s largest estate agency, said: “What we will be looking to do is set the scene by providing background information about the island and in particular the housing market. We will then take a closer look at the lifestyle in Guernsey because the beaches, boats, restaurants and climate are very attractive to a great number of people, although you have to embrace living on an island albeit with very good transport links to the UK and the continent."

He added: “Of course, in recent years we’ve seen the likes of Formula 1 driver Jenson Button, venture capitalist Guy Hands and Carte Blanche Greetings founder Stephen Haines take up residence in the Island. This is all very much in the public domain but there are also other individuals who have moved to Guernsey in a less high profile manner and indeed, that sort of relaxed and laid back attitude can be very appealing.”

Tony Mancini, Tax Director at KPMG in Guernsey, will present on the fiscal benefits of moving to Guernsey, especially in comparison with alternative jurisdictions.

Mancini said: “I will be following on from Matthew and Shauna and really my first comment follows directly from what they are talking about in terms of lifestyle – taking up residence in Guernsey really does mean moving here and so you have to like the Island and not just for any fiscal benefits, although these are not insignificant.”

Woodhard added: “We are really looking forward to the event. We have had good interest already from our contacts and we are waiting for responses from many more. If it is as successful as we hope we could roll this out further across the UK.”

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