Guernsey To Levy Immigrant Fees

By Editorial 04 January, 2012

Fees are to be introduced by Guernsey for citizens from non-EU countries wishing to stay permanently or on a temporary basis from February 2012, in line with fees in place in other territories such as the UK.

Guernsey's Border Agency has said that from February 2, 2012, a fee of GBP972 will apply for those applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain, and a charge of GBP486 for any dependants, while those applying for Leave to Remain for a limited period will be subject to a GBP550 fee.

The Chief Executive of the Agency, Rob Prow explained that the decision was to take into account the cost of immigration control in Guernsey. He said, “The Home Department is confident that these charges are not out of line with prices charged in the UK and on other islands and considers that the fees help to reduce the charge to the public purse.”

According to the agency, those that have already sucessfully applied for indefinite leave in the UK or one of its other Crown Dependencies, the Isle of Man and Jersey, would not be subject to the fees.

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