Harsher Rules For Expatriate Workers In Oman

By ExpatBriefing.com Editorial 14 May, 2014

The government of Oman has introduced new rules requiring expats to spend at least two years in a job if they want to stay in the country.

The new rules come into force on July 1, 2014. If a foreign worker leaves their job before completing a two-year term, they will be forced to leave the nation for two years before being allowed to re-apply for a new work visa, the Royal Oman Police said.

It is not clear if expats who have not completed two years in a role will be able to transfer to another employer if they are granted a "no objection certificate" by their current employer.

The new work visa requirements are in line with the Ministry of Manpower's long-term goal of bringing down the number of foreign workers employed in the private sector from 40 percent to 33 percent. They come after the ministry decided last month to extend for six months a ban on the employment of expat construction workers and domestic staff in the private sector.

Oman, a country home to about four million people, has roughly 1.5 million expats, most of whom come from south and southeast Asia.

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