Hong Kong, Dubai Most Alluring For UK Professionals

By ExpatBriefing.com Editorial 25 June, 2014

A survey of UK-based professionals aged under 35 has found that 78 percent would consider moving overseas, and that 26 percent would make Hong Kong their first choice.

365 professionals were polled by DeVere Group, one of world's largest independent financial advisory organizations. The popularity of Hong Kong was followed by Dubai (23 percent), New York (19 percent), Cape Town (15 percent) and Sydney (7 percent). A further 10 percent preferred either Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Tokyo, or Geneva. The positive respondents said that they have either "seriously considered," "are thinking about," or "would be tempted" to make the move.

DeVere Group's founder and CEO, Nigel Green, said that respondents are looking at destinations that seem to offer the best career and remuneration opportunities, preferably with income subject to a competitive tax rate. Therefore it made "perfect sense" that Hong Kong and Dubai topped the list, he said.

He noted that the top five locations are international business hubs with comparatively lower personal tax rates than in the UK, although he also identified other "pull" factors. In particular, they are places with established expatriate communities, where English is the primary business language, where infrastructure and communications are world-class, and where there are good transport links with UK airports. He suggested that Hong Kong is slightly ahead of Dubai due to greater familiarity.

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