Improved Passport Services For Canadians Abroad Announced

By Editorial 13 December, 2013

Canadians living overseas can now choose from a wider range of individuals to act as their guarantor when applying for a passport.

According to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, expatriate Canadians can choose an adult with a Canadian passport that may have expired up to a year previously, or a non-Canadian from an expanded list of approved occupations.

The list of eligible occupations is the same for all jurisdictions, and includes: dean/head of a university or college; dentist; judge; lawyer/notary; medical doctor; notary public; pharmacist; police officer; signing officer of a bank or trust company or of a financial institution that offers a full range of banking services; or veterinarian.

Alexander explained that the change would make finding a guarantor "much simpler," and that the move was part of a process of making the passport application process for overseas Canadians "more efficient and streamlined."

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